Introducing the Mirai App

Introducing the Mirai App

What is the Mirai App?:

The Mirai App is a secure cryptocurrency and Web3 platform that will simplify your digital experience. Mirai is your trusted companion for easy cryptocurrency administration, exploration for new horizons, top-notch security, straightforward functionality, and earning opportunities.

MiraiID Registration:

Discover our modern platform with easy and secure login options through MiraiID.

Mirai App Registration

Experience our seamless registration process, password reset, and effortless access to register/login via Google, Apple, Facebook, or Twitter.

Mirai App Login

MiraiID MPC Wallet:

Create a personalized MPC Wallet that has recovery options when you lose access.

Multi-Party Computation (MPC) wallets are critical in improving security in the field of digital asset management. MPC wallets are significant because of their capacity to provide resistance against possible risks like hacking efforts or insider assaults.

Our wallet utilizes Multi-Party Computation technology, allowing secure management and control of digital assets among multiple parties on the blockchain, guaranteeing greater protection of users’ assets.

Rest confident that the Mirai App provides a strong barrier against threats, ensuring a smooth and protected experience.

Mirai’s Wallet Features:

Mirai App Wallet stands as an advanced platform for adeptly and reliably managing digital assets.

Mirai App Wallet

Experience a multitude of capabilities:

  • Token handling & Asset Management

  • Seamless Token Transactions for trading

  • Comprehensive transaction history and viewing

  • Streamlined Contact Management (Content List)

Supported chains encompass Mirai Chain, BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, and more. These selections ensure that we foster diverse holdings and optimal accessibility for crypto assets.

Mirai’s Market Features:

The Mirai App offers a suite of professional-grade features for insightful digital asset management. Seamlessly access coin/token data that includes real-time information, the latest prices, market cap, max supply, and volume – all within your hands.

Mirai App Market

Stay ahead with our watchlist feature, enabling you to monitor and track your preferred coins/tokens effortlessly. Analyze trends effectively with interactive coin/token charts, granting you the ability to engage with the data dynamically.

Mirai Security:

Mirai Authentication

Mirai promotes user safety by implementing strict security measures. Manage authentication choices easily, such as turning on or off PIN codes or biometric verification. By providing the possibility of authenticating each transaction, we proactively safeguard your digital assets. Adding an extra layer of protection ensures that only authorized transactions go through.

Account Page:

Mirai Account Page

The Mirai App also offers exceptional features tailored to elevate your digital asset management experience. With support for multiple languages, including English (en) and Vietnamese (vi), accessibility is ensured for diverse users; keep in touch for more updates in language soon.

Enhance your app experience with the sleek and stylish Dark Mode, providing comfort during nighttime usage and a modern touch to your interface.

Stay ahead with the capability to monitor testnet tokens, enabling you to explore and experiment with the latest crypto innovations.

We hope you find a world of endless possibilities as you begin your Cryptocurrency & Web3 journey with the Mirai App. Embrace the convenience of managing tokens, smooth transactions, and more, paired with our dedication to security that guarantees your valuables are safeguarded.

The Mirai App provides an unparalleled experience, allowing you to explore and engage. We genuinely hope that as you delve more into its potential, you will grow to adore and love the app as a valued ally in your crypto efforts—the Mirai App ushers in a new era of empowered digital asset management. We look forward to serving you more features in the future.

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